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Vocab G - Unit 3 words

Review Unit 3 words

articulate1. well spoken, a good speaker; 2. to speak clearly
cavortto play and romp
decryto speak out against
derogatorynegative; rude
dissembleto lie; to misrepresent
eulogya nice speech about someone - usually given at a funeral
evinceto demonstrate or give evidence of
exhumeto dig up
fecklessworthless, ineffective
intractablestubborn, refusing to compromise
murkyunclear; can't see through it or can't understand it
nefariousevil; wicked
piquantspicy, interesting
primordialso old that it is from the beginnig of time
unwontedunusual; not customary
utopianperfect; ideal
verdantgreen and lush like grass or plants
viscoussticky and gooey - usually used to describe something nasty


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