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C++--Chapter 1 Vocabulary


BIOSthe set of programs used to interact with the screen, keyboard and disks
busa system of wires that connects the devices in a computer
clockdevice inside a computer that produces a signal that controls the speed of the microprocessor
computer architecturea term used to describe the way many devices in a computer are put together
e-mailmail sent from one computer user to another over a computer network
floppy diska type of secondary storage media made of a thin, flexible, magnetic disk
hard diska form of secondary storage media made up of hard, magnetic platters
hardwarethe equipment that makes up a computer system
inputdata put into a computer for processing
instruction setthe set of commands a microprocessor is designed to understand
integrated circuita thin slice of photo-sensitive silicone upon which microscopic circuits have been inscribed
Interneta world-wide network of computer systems
megahertzthe units used to measure clock speeds of computers
microprocessoran integrated circuit that includes all of the main functinos of a computer on a single chip
modema device that allows interaction to occur between computers over the telephone
motherboarda computer's main circuit board
networka group of computers that are connected by a communications link
primary storagea computer's random-access memory
read-only memorya set of memory chips that have instructions and data permanently stored upon them
secondary storagea form of data storage more permanent than RAM

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