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History Ch. 1-3

Jonathan Edwards1729
Jonathan Edwardsreligion was declinin and he was a minister who helped out the ministry, people came from all over to see him and other men where copying his sermins
Nathaniel Baconleader of the piedmont planters, he attacked and wiped out Indian villiages despite governer Sit William Berkley, he disappered into the forest and had other attacks on the local tribes, hero in the piedmont and set out to kill more Indians
Benjamin Franklinstopped what could have been a civial war
King Philipleader of New England town; brother died and tought the Pilgrims killed his brother so Indians attacked the Pilgrims
George WhitefieldEnglish preacher who visited America; helped make the Great Awakening a religious event
George Calvert"Lord Baltimor;" created titles of nobility in the New World (Maryland); he had vassals to rule over tenants and the Lord would be the cheif magistrate in settling disputes and charged taxes
George Calvert1682
Richard Hakluyt1584
Richard Hakluytwrote "Discourse Concerning Western Planting;" natives would be consumers of English manufacturers; the English went w/ this and hoped it would bring wealth
John Calvinreformation period
John CalvinFrench Protestant reformer; created calvanism humans, all of them were sinful
James Oglethorpe1732
James Oglethorpefounded Georgia- haven for English debtors; last British colony established in North America
William Bradforda Prigrim leader who never forgot the reason of why he came to the new world - to find a Godly colony
Powhatanlocal Indian chief; John Smith's successor couldn't maintain good relationships when him and was the beginning of an Indian War
John Rolfesaved Jamestown; discovered tobacco growing
John Smithkept settlers alive when in bad conditions; negotiated with Powhatan for food
Squanto and Massasoitknew English; local Wampanoags tribe-taught the Pilgrims how to plant and fish; had Thanksgiving
William Penn1682
William Pennorganizer of bringing Quakers to the New World; he was left claims of English crown and in return gave a large chunk of Americas; planned a city of Philadelphia relations; had good relations with Indians
Roger Williams1631
Roger Williams"Father of Rhode Island"; a Puritan minister who fought with Bay colonies religious leaders; in 1635 he was ordered to be arrested and fled to Narragansett Bay
Leif Ericsson1000AD
Leif Ericssonfounder of the Greenland colony; sailed westward to investigate reports; discovered Vinland and Indians drove the settlers home
Jacques Cartierabout 1524
Jacques Cartierexplored the coasts of Newfoundland, etc.; gave France claim to Northern North America with Verrazano
Henry Hudson1609
Henry Hudsonadded the Europe's geographical knowledge; sailed down the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Va; sailed in Cape Cod and Delaware
Hernando de Sotoabout 1650
Hernando de Sotoexpeditions along every coast and into bays, etc.; helped with the outlinds of the New World; traveled from Cuba to Florida and discovered Mississippi River
Samuel de Champlainabout 1650
Samuel de Champlainexplored in the heartland of North America; helped map out the New World
Giovanni da Verrazano1524
Giovanni da Verrazanoexplored the Carolinas and north to New York and Nova Scotia; gave France claim to parts of N. America; impacted French exploring
Christopher Columbus"Admiral of Ocean Sea"; discovered the major islands into the Carribean and touched mainland Americas; had the 1st perm. settlement in New World
Prince Henry of Portugal"Henry the Navigator"; traveled for medieval and religious purposed; sposered exploration on the W. Coast of Africa - more ships

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