Mini quiz: Answer multiple choice questions.

MSS D1/25


Fawn, a four-year-old German shepherd, was
bestowed the title "Dog Hero of the Year" in 1975.
Along with the title, Fawn also was given a $1,000 bond,
a gold leash, and best of all for Fawn, a year's supply of
dog food. It was also on three TV shows. Fawn received
these prizes for saving little Russ Schoenberger's life.

Russ was playing in his backyard when a rattlesnake
came into the yard. Just as the rattlesnake was going to
bite Russ, his dog Fawn came running to the rescue. The
dog knocked Russ away from the snake and began snap-
ping at it. Fawn was bitten, but a doctor saved the dog.
The rattlesnake was finally shot by Russ' father.

Mr. Linville

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