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Long ago, in the land of Castalia, word went out that the King and Queen were expecting a baby. Everyone was happy to hear the news except for one young servant who worked in the palace. Her name was Alcmena. She was sad because her husband had died in the war, and she would never have a child of her own.
Alcmena was so sad that even the gods on Mount Olympus noticed - especially Zeus, the most powerful god of all. Taking pity on her, Zeus gave Alcmena the child she had always dreamed of.

Holding the baby in her arms, Alcmena said, "You're such a big strong boy. I'm going to name you Hercules."

Before long, the King and Queen had their baby, too. They named her Princess Arianna. The royal family was delighted, and so was Alcmena. Unfortunately, trouble was brewing in paradise.
You see, there was a third baby. His name was Iphicles and his mother, Hera, was a mean powerful goddess. As soon as Iphicles was born, Hera went to the goddess Fate to find out what was in store for her son. "Listen, Fate, I need to know - will Iphicles be a great and mighty king?"

Fate tried to put her off, but it was no use. "Okay, I'll be honest. You're looking at great, possibly mighty, but not king. That honor is reserved for Hercules."

Miss. Sophia

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