LaTeX is a simple formatting language used to generate math symbols. Using LaTeX within Quia is easy, once you know the basics. First, you must check the "Enable HTML and LaTeX" option in the Settings section of the activity or quiz editor (usually one of the last steps in the editor).

Next, enter the following tags around your LaTeX commands:

<latex>$ $</latex>

The <latex></latex> tags are required by Quia to interpret LaTeX tags, and the dollar signs ($) are required to begin entering LaTeX in any program.

Here are some LaTeX tags that you can use to create common math symbols:


\sqrt [n]{arg}

So, if you were going to display the square root of 4, you would enter:

<latex>$ \sqrt [2]{4}$</latex>

To show the fifth root of x, you would enter:

<latex>$ \sqrt [5]{x}$</latex>


\frac {top}{bottom}

Thus, to type the fraction 3/4, you would enter:

<latex>$ \frac{3}{4} $</latex>


To display exponents, use the caret symbol (^). So, if you wanted to type x squared, you would enter:

<latex>$ x^2 $</latex>



Other Greek letters work the same way - just type a backslash and the spelled-out name of the letter.


Remember to always enclose the LaTeX symbols in the <latex>$ $</latex> tags. You can include multiple symbols between these tags.

Getting started

To see some LaTeX tags in use, take a look at this demonstration quiz. If you are a Quia subscriber, you can copy the quiz and edit it to learn more about how the tags work.

To find out more

For an excellent online guide, we recommend the following website: The book A Guide to LaTeX, by Kopka and Daly, is also useful.