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FAQ  about Beebe Middle School Clubs

1.      Will every student get to sign up for a club?  

Answer:  Yes, every student will have the opportunity to sign up for clubs.

2.      When do clubs meet?   

Answer:  Clubs will meet every Friday afternoon.

3.     What kind of clubs will we have? 

Answer:  The kinds of clubs will change from year to year.  Check the list at the bottom to see some of the clubs we had last year.

4.   Will we stay in the same club all year? 

Answer:  Most students will change clubs every 9 weeks.


Here is a list of the clubs we had for the 2006-2007 school year:

Club Name


_________Algebra Club

Mr. B. Davis/ Mrs. D. Dailey

4th Nine weeks only

_________Quiz Bowl

Mr. B. Davis/ Mrs. D. Dailey

1st Semester

_________Stock Market Game

Mr. B. Davis/ Mrs. D. Dailey

3rd Nine weeks

_________Bird Brains

Mrs. Herrin

9 weeks only

_________Calligraphy Club

Mrs. Phelps

9 weeks only

_________Class Piano

Mrs. Difani

9 weeks only

_________Counted Cross Stitch Club

Mrs. Avey

9 weeks only

_________Drawing Club

Mrs. Bramlett

9 weeks only

_________Educational Board Games

Mrs. Fowlkes/ Ms. Stillman

9 weeks only

_________Exercise your mind and Body 

Mrs. Pasley/ Mrs. Moore

9 weeks only

_________GIRLS CLUB

Ms. Ehenger/ Ms. Furnell

9 weeks only

_________Lights, Camera, Action Drama Club

Mrs. Flenor

9 weeks only

_________Mystery Solvers Club

Mr. Money

9 weeks only

_________OP Art Club

Mrs. Courson

9 weeks only

_________Origami Club

Mrs. Hartsell

9 weeks only

_________Planet Protection Squad

Mrs. Hobby

9 weeks only

_________Sign Language Club

Mrs. Campbell

9 weeks only

_________Space Cadets

Mr. Glover

9 weeks only

_________The Crop Club (Scrap booking)

Mrs. Taylor

1 Semester

_________The East Lab

Mrs. Gallegos

All Year

_________ Arkansas Music Club

Mrs. Williams

9 weeks only

_________Yearbook Club

Mrs. Allgood

9 weeks only

_________Chess Club

Mr. Whiteman

9 weeks only

_________The "Board" Club

Ms. L. Davis/ Ms. M. Redman

9 weeks only




Clubs will rotate during selective time with intramurals




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