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Have you ever wanted to add a large amount of items but you were in a hurry? Multiplication is a faster way to add! Just remember that it's just putting things in equal sets. For example, 4 X 3 is the same thing as adding four sets of three.

You are having a birthday party and you've invited 6 of your best friends. You have decided to make cookies for each guest and you want each friend to have 3 cookies. Using multiplication, figure out how many cookies you need to make for YOU and your 6 friends. You can draw a picture of think about the problem in your head.

Multiplication is something you use every day. We use it to cook, count money, and shop. It is an important skill you will use for the rest of your life. It's a faster way to add a large amount of items.


There are 6 boxes of crayons. Each box has 5 crayons. How many crayons are there in all?

There are 10 kids in our class. Each kid has 2 pets. How many pets do they have in all?

Mrs. Quillman has 5 songbooks. Each book has 4 songs in it. How many songs are there in all?

You can work these problems by drawing pictures or working the problems in your head. When you have the answers, bring them to school and turn them in. WAY TO GO!!
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