120eco Ray
Universal College of Learning Economics Lecturer
Welcome 120 Economic Environment UCOL semester 1 students.

This is a first attempt so wont be to ambitious!

Let's hope some of you look at this today - Thursday.

What is special about today??

Yes it is NZ Government Budget day.

Make sure that you check out tomorrows papers and if you have the opportunity to see the 'experts' discussing it on TV that would be helpful.

The important thing about government budgets for economists is firstly - is it a DEFICIT or a SURPLUS budget. Remember it is not long ago we had deficit budgets.

There will be lots of statistics mentioned and published that will be of use in your final assignment.

If I get time I will include something on "Exchange Rates".

I have put a powerpoint on your student drive on exchange rates which we will refer to on Friday.

What is happening to the NZ exchange Rate at the moment?
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