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Saint Hubert Catholic High School for Girls Latin I
Welcome to our Latin I Web page! Salve puella-quid agis? There are some practice exercises and there will be some quizzes. For the future, if you take the quizzes, send me the results. The name of the quiz must be entered exactly as it is in the quotes from the Latin I home page. TEST Tuesday the 6 of November on chapters 1. 2.3. You and your parents can also email me from here. If you have a HW question, please email me by 7:00 PM. I will check my email for the last time usually between 9:00 and 9:15 PM (EARLY TO BED, EARLY TO RISE ........(also makes for pleasant Latin scholars) You can also look through the quia.com directory for other subjects. UPDATE HOMEWORK Thursday OCTOBER 25~study ch 2 vocabulary and formation of verbs I HAVE PUT SOME NEW ITEMS ON OUR SITE: 1. there is a practice of jumbled words to help with second conjugation vocabulary and forms. 2. there is a MANDATORY QUIZ on the second conjugation to be taken by ..... SOME LATIN TO LIVE BY (very loosely translated in some cases)NEED AN EXTRA POINT ON THE READING QUIZ? Give me the translation in class........ ****cum grano salis**** gratias ****de calcaria in carbonarium**** ****carpe diem**** gratias gratias ****caveat emptor**** ****aut Caesar aut nihil est**** ****cave canem**** Salve puella, AVE CAESAR et VALE aaah the ides is over---QUID NUNC?
My Quia activities and quizzes
Practice the vocabulary
Chapter 1First declension
Practice the syntax of the first declension
Jenney ch2 first conjugation
First Conjugation Vocabulary practice
latin i ch.5 prepositions
Practice the prepositions from ch 5
First Conjugation Verbs-Active Voice: session first conjugation-active voice
SECOND CONJUGATION: session second conjugation
How well can you continue the fromation of verbs?
Third declension: session third declension
The WHOLE declension
Use this before you take the quiz
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