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Wellington Point State High School Mr Paul Jensen - Biology Teacher
The aim of this topic is to demonstrate to students the process by which evidence drawn from a wide variety of disciplines has been synthesised to develop a scientific theory which enhances human understanding of the origins of, and the interrelationships between, the diverse species which share our planet.

You should develop an awareness, appreciation and understanding of the evidence which has contributed to the development of the concept of biological evolutionary processes occuring over a long span of geological time. You should be aware of earlier scientific explanations proposed to account for evolutionary processes and should understand the basic tenets of the neo-Darwninian theory of natural selection as the most widely accepted contemporary scientific theory accounting for biological evolution.

You should be aware that although it has sometimes been a source of controversy outside the scientific community, the concept of biological evolution is a fundamental theme which unifies the scientific study of biology and which exemplifies the role of science in providing natural explanations for observed phenomena. Scientific debate concerning evolution has centred on the relative merits of explanations proposed to account for evolutionary mechanisms - NOT that evolution has not occurred.

Below are a series of on-line activities that need to be completed.

Of particular interest is the Global Youth Forum. This is your opportunity to ask questions, respond to comments and develop your understanding of the processes of evolution. Please register prior to October 20. An initial "Welcome" message will be forwarded to you on 23 October.
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