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This is the first web site I've ever created, and I hope it becomes a useful tool for all of us. 

I will be posting your long-term assignments on this page, and I'll also offer some tips to help you with your projects and essays.

I will not be posting daily homework assignments and quiz dates, so make sure you always check the board.

I will also be assigning you Internet activities with website links. 

Be patient with any technical difficulties which might occur and let me know of any problems.  This will hopefully be a fun learning experience for all of us!

1st assignment:  THE ANGLO-SAXON PERIOD

FIRST STEP:  Choose one of these topics relating to the Anglo-Saxon Period.  You may work by yourself or with a partner, but all topics must be chosen by at least one person.

1)  ancient and modern Celtic traditions
2)  art and artifacts from this period 
3)  spread of Christianity and influence on art, literature, and language
4)  Viking culture, trade, language, and settlements
5)  literature of King Arthur
6)  Charlemagne
7)  fall of Rome
8)  Old English - beginnings, pronunciation, sentence     structure, evolution of word use, etc.
9)  written literature and oral tradition (include riddles)
10) research and literary criticism of Beowulf
11) chivalry--definition, cultural influences, etc.

I listed a few web sites (click on the site to be linked automatically) that you might want to try, but there are many more out there.  Remember to narrow your search and choose an Internet server that works best for you, for example:  yahoo, altavista, dogpile, and northernlights.

STEP TWO:  Find information on your topic on the Internet.  Print out portions of good sites and make sure to cite each source.  Don't feel overwhelmed:  choose specific details and events to support your topic.

STEP THREE:  Make an outline of your information (we'll go over this in class) to use for your presentation.  Type it up and photocopy it for the class.

STEP FOUR:  Create a visual to represent your topic (drawing, paingting, collage, 3-D, etc.)

STEP FIVE:  Prepare for a presentation to the class:
- briefly explain your process of searching on the Internet (good/bad web sites, how you narrowed the search, etc.)
- hand out copies of your outline and explain it with more details on your topic
- explain your visual

Length if working as an individual: 2-3 minutes
With a partner:  an extra visual and 4-5 minutes

        GOOD LUCK!!
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