12dtn Mr Ryan
Macarthur Anglican School Technology Teacher: MR Ryan
One of my final lesson goals for 12DTN is to set up this resource site for you to use from any computer connected to the net.

The activities should make your learning and revision times more enjoyable.

You do not have long before the HCS exam.
Use your time wisely.

Remember that you are invited to borrow the video "Marketing in the new millennium" and other selected resources from the school.

I encourage you to contact me if you need help.

Mr Ryan

Use the activities below often to improve your knowledge in the related study component of the course.

Studies in Senior Design & Technology

ch 1 Designing and producing
ch 2 Using resources
ch 3 Management, communication and marketing
ch 4 Relating Issues to design and technology

ch 5 Introduction to the application of technology
ch 6 Designing and the creative process
ch 7 The design folioThe design process in the workshop
ch 8 The design process in the workshop
ch 9 Textiles, fashion, furniture, interior design
ch 10 Food: Domestic, commercial, research
ch 11 Graphics and computer-aided design
ch 12 Information technology and computer programming
ch 13 Electronics and computer control
ch 14 Engineered systems
ch 15 Comparative case studies
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter 1 Definitions
Chapter 1 Review
Chapter 3 Definitions
Chapter 4 Definitions
Chapter 6 Definitions
Chapter 9 Definitions
The Design Process
2000 MAS Trial Exam
Assessment KEY WORDS
1997 HSC Exam Multi questions
Useful links
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