12engwg Mr. Wine and Mr. Golden
The Walker School English 12

Educators are unanimous in their belief that as the world gets smaller students need to be more aware of parts of it that even their parents did not know.  As a result, you were given information that compares Buddhism, Taoism, and Christianity.  You have looked at A Prayer for Owen Meany, a unique glimpse of Chistianity.  Siddhartha provides Hesse‚Äôs view of Buddhism and, to a lesser extent, Taoism.
The reason educators believe you need to be exposed to a plethora of belief systems is to help you understand other people better and to help you understand yourself better.  I will ignore understanding others better for now and concentrate on your understanding yourself well.
This is another three-paragraph assignment with very specific instructions  (Some of you chose to ignore the instructions last time; you have enjoyed your final free pass.).  Each paragraph requires you to discuss one way in which these belief systems explain something about yourself.  Discuss that way (partial quote it), provide a clear personal example from your life and use first person.
Allow yourself the opportunity to find out something new.  Enjoy!  Again, I look forward to Thursday.
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