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Milwaukee Area Technical College Nursing Instructor Level 4

These tips may prove useful is helping you organize your paper.  They are by no means all inclusive, but they may help.

Do not write this paper in the "1st Person" eg. "I learned"
"I was surprised" etc.  This is a scholarly paper and should be written objectively.

Take your paper over to the Writing Center at M.A.T.C., located in the C-Building.  You don't need an appointment.
They will look over your paper and provide you with suggestions.

The paper must be typed in APA format with a reference list and a minimum of five pages with three pages devoted to the Review of Literature.  You are required to included four professional nursing articles from nursing journals.  Other articles may be used, only after the four nursing articles are utilized. 

Read over your paper even though you use "spell check"  It won't pick up incorrect words, only incorrectly spelled words.  Some software programs will pick up grammatical errors.  Not all however.  So you need to carefully read over your final paper.

Make sure each sentence makes sense.  Don't leave out pertinent words.  It helps to have someone else read your paper.

Important, when typing use a size 12 Font.

Use correct punctuation; commas, periods.

Double space after each period when typing. 

Follow the grade/point sheet in the syllabus, making sure each point is addressed and covered adequately.  Use the sheet as a guide, and you will be assured to include all the pertinent information.

You will be required to orally present your paper to your clinical group on the date designated in your course calendar.  For this presentation you will need to provide an outline to your group at the beginning of the presentation.  Remember to keep your outline brief, using one word or brief sentences. Also you are to use relevant audio and visual aids.  Your presentation is oral and not to be read from your paper.  It is also to be 10-15 minutes long.

You can obtain feedback all throughout this process.  However, once the final date for submitting the paper is reached, you cannot redo your work.  The grade will stand.

I've included links to web sites that might help you with writing in the APA format.  Also how to cite electronic sites you obtain from the web.

It also helps when starting out on a project like this to create an outline, listing all the mainpoints you need to include and all the information under each point that will be included.  This helps you organize your paper and also gives you the opportunity to overlook the entire project.  This is a valuable tool which helps in eliminating redundancy and also prompts you to include all the the pertinent and necessary information for the paper.
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