1604 Judi Gay
St. Cloud Technical College SMGT 1604 Instructor
Welcome to Effective Communication - SMGT 1604!

This course is designed to increase verbal and written communication skills especially for supervisory personnel. Consider your goals for the course. You can do it!  It just takes commitment, self-discipline, and practice!

As in all learning, learners are responsible for their own learning. Activities and quizzes offered will help increase understanding of communication rules and increase skills. Practice will move you toward your goals! These activities and quizzes complement text readings, resource readings, discussions, lectures, and class activities. 

Weekly quizzes: Take the weekly quiz prior to the next class date. Your grade will automatically be recorded, and you will know instantly how well you did and which areas need development.

Email assignment: Complete the assignment from this web page by clicking on the email link at the top of this page.

Send me an email featuring a brief description of your Business Proposal. The description should be limited to five sentences. Include these two points: What is the topic of the Business Proposal? What made you think of this topic? Be specific in your responses. Be sure to follow E-mail etiquette. Use the resource pages provided in class. This assignment is due November 28, 2001. Points: 20

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