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Dear Students and Parents.......
Welcome to the winter pages I have made for us using Quia.

This time you will find a matching board review for chapters 10--11--12. This test is Tuesday, January 25!!!!!

In addition I have created three challenge boards as well to review MSSQB questions, parts of speech and the four basic types of sentences. Have fun learning!!!! Do you like the challenge boards?

Until later....Mrs. L
My Quia activities and quizzes
Chapter Review for 10--11--12
This is a painless way to review for the test on January 25th!
Types of sentences....
Review the four types of sentences....how well can you do?
Parts of speech
Review the parts of speech we have done so far.
Here is a fun way to brush up on American history facts using MSSQB!
Review American history with this challenge activity
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