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Mayde Creek Elementary Ms. Bagley, Ms. Bock, Ms. McArthur, Ms. Palacios, Ms. Seals, Ms. Shoemaker, Ms. Wunsch
Welcome to the first grade home page. We are glad you chose to visit our site. This page will be updated every six weeks. Be sure to scroll down for special information and helps for your wonderful first grader!

Curriculum Areas
• Reading -  We are working on reading sight words, blending sounds, attending to punctuation, reading fluency and reading with expression.  The high frequency words for fifth  six weeks are: all,four, many over,so, before, come, off, our, right,by, find, kind, high, ore, everything, eyes, gone, head, room, many off, all, called friend, only, pulled, these. Please work  short and long vowel words.   If the students learn the rules: One vowel at the end of a word is usually long.   When  there are two vowels in a word, the first one is long and the second vowel is silent,USUALLLY, they should be able to decode any long vowel word that follows the rule.  The short vowel rule is:  If there is one vowel in the middle of a a word, the word is usually short. 
We are working on the following skills: main idea, sequencing,context clues, making inferences, cause-effect, plot and characters, summarization.  Join in on some reading fun and spend time daily listening to your child read!
Phonics -  Please help your child learn the following sounds: oo, ch, ng, ea, ar, ck, ed, or, oa, ey, eigh, ie, kn, gn, wr, ph, dge, oe, tch, ti, si, ci, ough, ear, er, ir, or, ur, ou, ow and all single phonograms.
•  Language - The first graders are identifying and writing sentences. We know that a sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. We are also learning to correctly use question marks and exclamation marks. The words in a sentence must be in the right order for it to make sense. Students are learning when to use was and were, go and went and are learning to identify the subject and predicate in sentences to make them complete.  The first graders continue to work on nouns, verbs, adjectives,  adverbs, contractions, and suffixes.Students are a

•  Math - We are working on addition and subtraction math facts to 18. We are also working on fact families.Students will learn how to recognize and count money and know the value of the coins. We will continue working on putting together and reading graphs.

•  Science and Social Studies - Topics for science for the fifth weeks are: identify major body organs and structures and their functions, importance of sleep, nutrition and excercise, observe and describe parts of plants, seeds germinate into plants, needs of plants, seed growth, changes in the seasons, landforms: mountains, hills, plains, plateaus, rain drought, snow, locating places using directions, locating Katy and Texas, Facts of Texas, state origin, celebrations, customs, government, Sam Houston, George Bush, folktales and legends.

Special Days: Friday, March 29 is a holiday.
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