1science Ms Donaldson
Arbroath Academy Biology Department (1 Science)
Thursday 22nd March 2001

Hi there 1st Year

Ok, you have just successfully completed your last unit "Tiny Ideas".  The next topic to be studied is all about "Water".  Today's task is to look for information on WATER POLLUTION.

Here are a couple of questions to start you off:-
           (1) Why do we need water and what do we use
               it for?

           (2) What is water pollution?
           (3) What can pollute water (i.e make
               it "dirty")?

           (4) What effect does water pollution have on
               our rivers, beaches, seas and oceans?

           (5) How can we cut down on water pollution?

You may have some questions in your head also so try and answer them by using the Internet, Encarta, Encyclopaedia of Science etc. (the last two can be found in the MULTIMEDIA folder on your desktop).

Once you have found information (including some pictures) take notes on paper and then transfer this to a WORD DOCUMENT.  

REMEMBER : DO NOT just copy sentences straight from the screen, make sure you use your own words!

Have fun

Ms Donaldson :)
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