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This is the review homepage for Sowieso Band 1, Kapitel 20. Complete the activities below in the order indicated. Use them to fill-in the review worksheet you have been given. You will turn in the review worksheet after taking your test tomorrow. Remember, if you have Internet at home, you can access this page at any time to continue reviewing. Simply write down the URL.

In addition to the review presented online, be prepared to re-write a short story in Perfekt. You will have use ordering words. (zuerst, dann, danach, usw.)

           usw = und so weiter = and so on
My Quia activities and quizzes
Sowieso Band 1, Kapitel 20 Verben
Review the verbs you will need to know for the test. Do this FIRST.
Gl├╝ck gehabt!
Review the story of Daniel und Florian auf dem Stadtfest. Do this SECOND.
Was habt ihr heute in der Schule gemacht?
Put a conversation in order. Watch out for ordering words. Kap. 20, S. 94. Do this FOURTH.
Sein oder Haben? (PERFEKT)
Which helping verb will it be? - Do this FIFTH.
1SWS20 - Review of Participles
Unscramble the participle. - Do this SIXTH.
1SWS20 Jeopardy
Review all the above concepts at once before taking the online quiz. - Do this SEVENTH.
Eating Habits in Germany Quiz
AVE German II-2 Final
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