Biggar High School 2FG - French / German
Salut, tout le monde!  Grüß Gott, Leute!

Some activities to help you revise and practise German and French.  Use the games to practise vocabulary quickly.  Use the quizzes for grammar and structure practice:  the description of each activity tells you what area is being practised.

Remember to use the Metro Electro and Echo Elektro links from the Modern Languages  resources to practise and revise vocabulary and to help with pronunciation by listening (username:biggar (both) password: croissant (French) bratwurst (German)

Alles Gute!   Bonne Chance!
My Quia activities and quizzes
Use this gap-filling task to complete a short paragraph about self.
Parlez-vous Deutsch?
Match the French and German words and prases which mean the same!
"Haben" and "sein".
Make sure you know these two improtant verbs "to have" and "to be" - in German "haben" and "sein"
Was hast du in deiner Schultasche?
Practise the vocabulary for classroom items in German with this hangman game.
To have and have not (avoir)
Revise the parts of the verb "avoir" (to have) in French
Welches Land?
Unscramble the letters to find the German for different countries.
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