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  2nd Era KKK
Welcome to our website of 2nd era of the KKK.  Here you will find information on how they were and what they did in the 2nd era.
We believe that learning about different racial groups, such as the KKK, is very important. It helps us to be aware of what is going on in society right now. Also, how other people fill about the differnt races and different religions. As the years pass, people's views and opinions on the racial and religious status change. It is always suggested to stay open-minded, so it is wise to follow through history, and keep up to date on what is going on with different groups such as the KKK.

Here are some important terms you will need to know:
-  KLEAGLE: the name of a KKK member
-  KUKLOS: a Greek word in which the word "Klan" originated from
-  SKINHEADS: young neo-Nazi
-  INVISIBLE EMPIRE: was a nationwide organization of millions whose members fused purity reform and community activism with the controversial heritage of racism and nativism

Here are the basics on the 2nd era of the KKK:
-  After America's first Red Scare, which followed after WW1, the needs of a lot of people allowed the KKK to plunge headlong

-  Edward Young Clarke was the president of the Southern Publicity Association and became the Klan's first Imperial Kleagle on June 7, 1920

- A kleagle's job is to *turn in any reports to the Imperial Kleagle stating the number of prospective initiates canvassed
                        *total the amount of fees collected
                        *state the towns they worked in
                        *state where they are expected to work next week

- Kleagles were told to sell the Klan in a way that most appealed to the community. If a town was afraid of labor unions, then kleagles pushed the Klan's position against alien-inspired strikers. Kleagles proclaimed that the Klan stood for 100% Americanism and would never allow the country to be taken over by a pack of radical hyphens. In general, Kleagles pandered to every regional prejudice and fear, offering a scapegoat for every local tension.

- The 2nd era of the KKK was basically middle-class purity crusade.

- In 1921, the congress conducted exposes that accused southwest Klansmen of whippings, brandings, tarrings, and other horrible acts against moral offenders

- The KKK promoted the flag, the Constitution and the Bible as the core's symbols. It promoted it because it viewed education as its most important "Americanizing" agent of the nations youth, the secret order made federal aid to public schools one of its main political demands.

- Upholding the law was so important that local klaverns frequently ingnored race and ethnicity when organizing against elites implicated in vice, crime, and political corruption.

- They attracted between 2 and 6 million members after WW1

Overall the Ku Klux Klan had intense power during the 2nd era.  Many people were fond of the KKK in the 2nd era than they are now in the 9th era. Reasons for this are that society is becoming more diversed and the communities are respecting different races and religions. It's a new century and we're moving into the new millenium with different aspects on life.
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The 2nd Era KKK
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2nd era KKK
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