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Week of: 2/21/99

                  READING AND WRITING
This week we continued working on adding suffixes to different base words.  The hardest suffixes to learn are still -ed and -ing.  We also continued doing our daily writing prompts.  The prompt the students enjoyed the most this week was deciding whether or not February 29th is more or less special since it only comes once every four years and why.  There were many interesting responses to this question.  Ask your child what s/he wrote about in response.
There was also a lot happening in reading groups this week.  The Goof Troop went over vocabulary and started reading
The Emperor's New Clothes.  They will finish the story next week because it is quite lengthy.  The Bananas also went over vocabulary and started reading The Legend of the Bluebonnet.  The JDC's began reading from Amelia Bedelia Helps Out.  They are really enjoying all of the silly things Amelia Bedelia mixes up when she is trying to help the Rogers out.  The Millionaires are reading The Spingle Spangle Talent Show.  This story was a review because it involves the use of contractions, which we have already worked on during phonics time a few weeks ago.  During shared reading time, the students listened to James and the Giant Peach.  We finished Esio Trot last week, so be looking for an illustration of their favorite part in their Friday Folder.

This week we had our weekly quiz on our fast facts.  We are still striving for brownies!  We also worked on borrowing and I breifly introduced 3 digit addition and subtraction without regrouping.  On Monday we played a quick game of Around the World with our flash cards.  I hope that everyone is studying for those brownies!  The students now have flash cards for all addition facts 1-10, since we constructed the 9 and 10 fact cards on Wednesday.  We will be working on fast subtraction facts next!

This week we worked on a variety of things at theme time.  On Monday we discussed the life and times of President Lincoln.  On Tuesday we celebrated George Washington's birthday by reading about his adventures and then talking about the legend of the cherry tree.  The kids then made their own "cherry" to go on our tree on the bulletin board telling why it is so important to tell the truth.  On Wednesday, we got ready for our space test by having a contest.  The contest involved students writing down as many space facts as they could remember and the student with the most correct facts won a candy.  Ask your child who the winner was!  On Thursday we talked about our teeth (it is dental health month).  Students learned the anatomy of the inside of their teeth, and made a diagram.  These are hanging in our room if you would like to come and take a look! Friday was our space test.  I haven't been able to correct them yet, but I have a feeling that everyone did quite well.  We also continued tracking the primaries this week.  The students really enjoy and look forward to this activity.  On Monday we colored in South Carolina on our Republican map, and on Wednesday we colored in Arizona and Michigan on our Republican Map.  Ask your child who is in  lead so far for the Republicans!

Book orders went out this week, so they should be ready for us soon after vacation. I hope everyone has a happy and safe vacation.  See you in March!

                      CODE WORD
This week's code word is: moon.  To get a small prize, find out how far the moon is from the Earth.  Write this on a peice of paper and hand it to Miss Katz at school OR e-mail the answer to Miss Katz!  Good Luck!
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