2mce 2nd. Grade
Mayde Creek Elementary  
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                      Fifth Six Weeks

What's In Store!

Spring is just around the corner and our second graders are as busy as ever!  We will continue to introduce new concepts as we prepare your child for third grade.  In reading, we will work on summarizing, sequencing, and using context clues as we enjoy the stories in our great reading books.  In language, students will focus on pronouns, pronoun-verb agreement, and suffixes.   Math has gotten a little more challenging for our second graders.  Three-digit numbers will be studied and further practice with subtraction with regrouping will be provided.  Also, geometry, probability, and graphing will be studied.  We will continue to focus on mastering fast facts.  Any help you provide at home will greatly benefit your child.   In science, dinosaurs will be explored since we learned about food chains and habitats last six weeks. Historical figures, landmarks, and symbols of Texas will be our focus in social studies.

We need volunteers!
Second grade is going to the Museum of Natural Science on April 24.  We would love to have you join us.

Dates To Remember!!!

Feb.  27     Citizenship Day
March 2      Texas Independence Day
March 5-9    Diagnostician’s Week
           Texas Public Schools Week         
March 8      Open House
March 12-16  Spring Break
March 3      Breakfast with Mom 7:00 a.m.)
April 1      Daylight Saving Time Begins
April 10     Second Grade Spring Program

Helpful Hints!

❀Your child must have the basic math facts memorized by the end of the year!  Please help him/her practice.
❀Encourage your child to read anything and everything—signs, recipes, invitations, game instructions, and of course, books.
❀ Give your child oral directions  involving at least 3 steps and see if they can follow them without you having to repeat the instructions.  This will improve listening skills!


All second grade students will be taking the SAT-9 test in March. The testing will take place in the mornings on the following days:

Thursday, March 1
Friday, March 2
Monday, March 5
Tuesday , March 6
Wednesday, March 7
Thursday, March 8

Please make sure your child gets plenty of sleep and eats a good breakfast! 

Scores from this test provide teachers with information about your child that will help in planning instruction and meeting your child’s needs.
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