2pac 2

TuPac Skaqur was shot and Killed on September 13th 1996.

He was one of the worlds greatest rapers many people looked

up to him . He was a member of the infimous gang called

Bloods. The Killer has not been convicted or named at this

moment. However it is said to Be a member of the Southside

Crips who shot him . The name of this man who is the prime

suspect is call Orlando Anderson.

Some people do not belieave that  Tupac is dead. For in

his Album it had noises and words in the background of songs

that would lead you to belieave other wise. On his cover of

him album He is seen to be on a Cross and it says Jesus

Christ on his album .So therefore the people who think that

he isn't dead think that he will resurecton the day called

Jugement Day.

      Tupac Skaqurs mother who is now in a Womens

correctional racility for particpating in Black Panters

activities. She belieave that The Shakur Family has been

through generation of trouble and now Tupac can go to the

other world and meet up with his loved ones. His Father has

no problem with his death he wasn't very close to Tupac in

the first place he left when he was born. And his mother

started to Date on of the members on the infimous Black


         Alot of people think that Tupac is dead and needs

to be left alone to rest in peace here are some reasons.

Tupac planned to leave Death Row Records. Suge Knight

wouldn't let one of his best sellin artist leave the record

label alive. Also alot of people had thorught that Elivis

Presley was not dead however no therioes were found true.

If tupac has planed to return after everything had happend

whouldn't he already be back seen as Suge Knight is locked

up and the east coast west coast war is over.

Also tupac's grow the Outlaws signed with a new Rap

record and if they were waiting for him to return he they

wouldn't do that. The only reason why it seems as though he

is still alive is because of some fansy editing skills made

by Suge Knight. There is a recurring theme of being too

obvious. Pac's video for I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto has

him being resurrected, frequently using the number 7. Why

not just have Tupac come out and say I'm alive?.. thats if

he was alive.

He was shot. People seem to miss the fact that Pac was

shot multiple time so it would make it very hard for him to

be alive.Marketing. Hiphop is a business. Everyone knew

Tupac was nearing his demise from all the stuff going on. If

everyone believes Pac is still alive, thats better record

sales for his unreleased records because it keeps Pac's name

on our minds. Suge knight probably made a plan to make it

seem like this.

      Tupac was a member of the Bloods. The gang called the

bloods has been a big rival with the gang called Crips for

ever.  Tupac went hard on everything he did. He stood for

what he belieaved in and let no one get into his way. He

was a Black role model and gave the african American People

hope when they had no hope at all. He was not involved with

Positive things but the for African American population he

was a superstar, and many other ethnic back grounds found

his music intriging also.

        Tupac was from a disfunctional Family. To come from

such a bad back ground and make so much of ones self is

amazing. He went from nothing just street trash the being

on everyones mind and in there mouths. He has die for him

Fans people who belieave so much in what he had said that

they treat it as a bible and live by things he had said.

        Tupac was of the Islamic faith. His parents lived  

by the faith . His family is very involved in the Islamic

beliefs. When they identified the body of Tupac after his

shooting they did a big Islamic ritual on his body. That is

another reason why he couldn't still be alive because if

his family thourght there was any of controverses and

posibility they would of done that ritual.

       Tupac was Rich. He made millions with all of his

multi-platium records. He has a daughter and most of the

money will likeley go to her. He must of been a Billion

air. But for all the good thing and hope and faith he put

into the African America people he derserves all that money

and more.
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