304 Mrs. Voris
Douglas MacArthur Elementary Fourth grade teacher
Spelling tests:  Pretests on Monday, posttests on Friday

Math tests:  After every 5 lessons in our Saxon textbook

Reading tests:  Comprehension and vocabulary quizzes are given after each story is read.  The Unit Skills Test is given at the end of each grading period.  This tests reading skills, comprehension and vocabulary words.

Content area tests (Science and Indiana History):  After chapters are completed in class.  Students will know at least two days in advance when a test will be in these subject areas.  Use those study guides to prepare!

English tests:  After completing units in the English textbook

Are you using your assignment book and binder correctly?  I hope so, because this will teach you good organizational skills which can last a lifetime!  It will also help you to be more successful in fourth grade.


Reminder:  Study those flashcards!!!!!!  You MUST know your multiplication facts in order to be successful with division.  Our goal is to earn 100% on a four minute timed test!!  So far, Jennifer Nolan is in the lead.  She has passed addition, subtraction, and multiplication timed tests in just 2 minutes!  Congratulations, Jennifer!  Can you say PIZZA???


I am very proud of my students for doing a great job on their Newbery products and presentations!  We have really been enjoying some great Newbery Award books!  I encourage you to read another that sounds like it would be interesting to you.  Two of my favorites are:  HOLES (the 1999 Newbery winner) and FROM THE MIXED-UP FILES OF MRS. BASIL E. FRANKWEILER.

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