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Welcome to Mrs. Van Ornam's Fourth Grade! February 7, 2008


SPECIALS FEBRUARY 11-15  Monday - P.E. Tuesday -Computers Wednesday - Computers
Thursday - Computers Friday - Library

FIELD TRIP FEBRUARY 19 "A Journey to West Africa" by Keith Johnson tells about African culture through storytelling, dance, and music.
This week's spelling will be one large review list for all students. It will include words with prefixes, suffixes, and -y or -ey endings along with changing -y to -i words. There will be no pretest or fifth level list. The Spelling test on Friday will consist of two pages of locating the correctly spelled and misspelled words.

Students are reviewing skills and concepts from their "Creative Minds" READING theme, Throughout this theme fourth graders have met characters who think creatively to solve problems and use their imagination to improve their environment. Students have learned to use and are reviewing Main Idea and Details, Sequence, and Following Written Directions. Language skills include Subject and Object Pronouns, Possissive Pronouns, Adectives and Articles, Comparing with Adjectives, and Verbs.

A Theme Four Reading and Language Skills Assessment Posttest will be given Thursday and Friday of this week along with a Spelling Review test.
Word work will be a review of all selection words in unit four using word searches, "what it is" and "what it isn't" booklets and crossword puzzles to review words and their meanings. Students will also use unit words in writing activities.

Because this month includes Valentine's Day, students will have fun with words related to that holiday.

MATH computation will focus on a reveiw of division facts to twelve. Students are continuing to practice the division of three numbers by one digit.

Concepts this week include ordering decimals, multiplying two digits by two digits, studying units of capacity, and adding mixed numbers.

Feburary MAC-Ro math booklets are providing fourth graders with an additional opportunity to practice Arizona state math standards. Thanks so much for your continued support with this project!

LANGUAGE ARTS includes Grammar and Writing. Students will review unit four pronouns, adjectives, and Verbs. In Writing, fourth grade students are using the writing process of Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit, and Publish to write their own book that will be published through Student Treasures. Each student receives one copy of their book free, but additional prints can be ordered. Information on this project has been sent home and order envelopes need to be returned by Friday, February 15. If there are concerns or problems with this project, please contact me at school by phone or email.

In order to provide more in-depth instruction to students, fourth grade rotates classes every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. All Language Arts is taught by Mrs. Van Ornam, Science by Ms. Botma, and Social Studies by Ms. Campbell.

Communication with parents is important to each of us on the fourth grade team. Please contact me with questions or concerns about any subject, and I will see that appropriate action is taken.

Thank you so much for being an important part of my teaching team!
Mrs. Van Ornam""

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