353language Catherine Lev
  Headquarters Language Program Manager, 353rd Civil Affairs Command
Dear 353ers and fellow CA soldiers,

This website is designed to help you keep your languages current between drills and other commitments. Language is like PT in a sense that it fades away unless constantly worked on. It is my hope that you will find this training fun and useful.

This website depends on your contributions for improvement. No detail is too trivial and no idea is too wacky. E-mail me and your suggestions will be carefully considered. All of them.

Finally, I would like to recognize Vlada Brofman for her knowledge of French and Eugene Lubman for his technical expertise. They lent a hand cheerfully and selflessly and made this website possible.

                                     SGT Catherine Lev

PS: This is not an official DOD website! DOD or USACAPOC assume no responsibility for the links contained therein.
My Quia activities and quizzes
Russian Civil Affairs Vocabulary (Nouns)
Test your knowedge of Russian CA Vocabulary
Russian Civil Affairs Vocabulary (Adjectives)
All Russian adjectives are given in male singular
Russian Civil Affairs Vocabulary -- Verbs
All Russian verbs are given in infinitive
Former Soviet Republics and Capitals
Test your knowledge of 15 independent countries that replaced the former USSR.
Former Soviet Republics and Capitals
Learn about the 15 newly independent countries and their capitals
Eastern Europe Countries and Capitals
Learn about where Eastern European capitals belong
Eastern European Countries and Capitals Quiz
Test your knowledge of Eastern European countries and their capitals
French Civil Affaris Vocabulary (Nouns)
Test your knowledge of the French CA vocabulary.
French Civil Affairs Vocabulary (Adjectives)
All French adjectives are given in masculine singular
French Civil Affairs Vocabulary (Verbs)
All French Verbs are given in infinitive.
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