3martin Mrs. Martin
South Forrest Attendance Center 3rd Grade South Forrest
   We have just completed a study of the human body.  Each student drew their body shapes on bulletin board paper.  After the students researched the importance of each body part they glued that body part to their body shape.

   We are learning about reusable natural resources and nonreusable resources. We produced a finished product (Bunny Rabbits) using the assembly line process in manufacturing goods.

   We have just finished Mac & Marie and The Train Toss Surprise.  We have one story left in our reading series this year.  Each week we participate in partner reading. Students share their favorite page of the story with their reading partners.  
   Our spelling words for the week are also taken from our story.  Each student has a set of flash cards with the spelling words on them.  We play card games with our word cards to learn our spelling words.  
   We will begin doing puzzles from a new link on the net starting next week to learn challenge vocabulary.

   We have just completed a unit on two and three digit multiplication.  We started learning our multiplication in October.  We will complete the year learning division with remainders.
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