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Mayde Creek Elementary  
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Tending our Third-grade Garden!!

Believe it or not, the first six weeks is over.  We can already see how your third graders are growing! Our knowledge is growing daily! Here's what we'll be adding to our garden this six weeks:

If you haven't already had your parent conference, you will be having one soon! October 2nd and October 18th have been set aside for conferences. If you are unable to meet with us on these days, we will schedule another date and time for you to come.

Reading - We will be reading from a variety of genres. Through our selected stories and novels we will review story elements. The important skills for this six weeks are: cause and effect, sequencing, and main idea and details.
The reading log is back to normal. Students will be required to read/listen to 300 pages of AR books. Check the due date on the top right-hand corner. By completing the reading log and turning it in on time, your child will earn a 100 for a daily reading grade.

Language - Watch out - awesome authors at work! Gators are learning how to show - not tell - in their writings. Students will also practice including story elements into their stories.

Math - We are marching into subtraction with and without regrouping. Also, we will be working on word problems and counting money! Please continue to practice math facts with your child! Look for your October Fast Facts calendar for studying ideas!

Science - We will be studying plants and animals. We will be discovering what plants and animals need to survive and how they interact with their environment.

Social Studies - We will be learning about the 50 awesome states in the United States, and then we will study China and Mexico. We are always looking for first-hand knowledge; so if you've been to China or Mexico and would like to talk to the students about it, please let us know.

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