3quizz Ms. Mollejo
1) After the death of Isabella and Ferdinand, ...(a) was the king of Spain.
a. Charles I b. Charles V c. Philip II d. Philip V

2) The Celestina is a famous ...(b)
a. region b. book c. king d. painting

3) The Golden Age in Spain refers to ...(c)
a. the gold brought from America b. the old age of the king
c. the XVI and XVII centuries d. the church

4) The king devoted Spanish resources in Center Europe to fight... (d)
a. the Muslims b. the Catholics
c. the Jews d. the Protestants

5) The Spanish Empire at this time was composed by the Peninsula, Central Europe, the Portuguese colonies and the territories in ...(c)
a. Central Africa b. North Canada
c. America d. Australia

6) Philip II defeated  the Turks in the Mediterranean in the battle of ...(b)
a. Trafalgar b. Lepanto c. Granada d. Inca

7) The Invincible Armada was sent against the ...(b)
a. French b. English c. Indians d. Portuguese

8) The sentence "In the Spanish Empire the sun never set", means ...(a)
a. Spain had colonies everywhere b. the Spanish were restless
c. Spain was a sunny land d. the Spanish worked a lot

9) The Inquisition in Spain was after the Jews and the ...(a)
a. Moors b. farmers c. Indians d. Protestants

10) In literature, the most popular genre was ...(a)
a. theater b. poetry c. opera d. narrative

11) And the most important topic in this genre was ...(b)
a. Catholicism b. honor c. war d. conquest

12) The greatest writer of this genre was ...(b)
a. Cervantes b. Lope de Vega c. Quevedo d. Garcilaso

13) Tirso de Molina was the first writer to present the myth of ...(c)
a. the Cid b. El Dorado
c. Don Juan d. Saint James

14) The most famous book written by Cervantes was ...(c)
a. Don Juan b. Fuenteovejuna
c. Don Quixote d. Life is a dream

15) El Greco was a ...(d)
a. castle b. king c. poet d. painter

16) The same as ...(d)
a. Calderon b. Charles I c. Lope d. Velazquez

17) This last one was well known because of his ...(a)
a. realism b. imagination c. battles d. romances

18) His most interesting work was called ...(b)
a. the Burial of a nobleman b. las Meninas
c. the Escorial d. the Deceiver of Seville

19) The two main topics for painting during this period were portraits and ...(c)
a. landscapes b. countryside c. religion d. festivals

20) The last monarch of the Habsburg Dynasty was ...(d)
a. Charles I b. Philip II c. Philip V d. Charles II
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