4bgribbon Mrs. Gribbon
Lahore American School 4B Teacher
Dear Fourth Graders,

Welcome to Quia.com!  This is a very exciting way to practise what you learn at school, and in a fun way too!!  I hope you enjoy the Internet as much as I do.  Please send me an Email to tell me what you've tried!

October has been a very busy month, but I hope you've learned a lot. 

It's going to be really fun to learn the poem, "Hallowe'en Parade" and to present it to the other classes.  And the mothers, Ms. Fincham, Mrs. Aamir and I are planning the best Hallowe'en Carnival yet!  Be sure to thank your parents for donating their time and prizes to make your day a special one! 

I've been really impressed with how you're treating each other with respect and are listening better in class - we all enjoyed the trip to Pace and the International Lunch.  Because of your behaviour, we can keep having great days like that!  Coming up:  a trip to learn about government in Lahore, and a chance to see our charity:  The National Centre for the Emotionally Handicapped.

Also, November is Responsibility month, so, if it's been challenging for you to remember your things for specials, return library books, do homework on time, or behave in a responsible way, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO SHINE!  Good luck - the competition is on!

We are now a family, my little ducklings, and I am most proud to be your Mamma Duck at school :-)

Love, Mrs. Gribbon
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