4i Mr. Ince
Eckville Elementary Grade 4 Teacher
Hello Michelle,

I hear your feeling under the weather.  I hope you can rejoin us, soon.

In class, I haven't been assigning any homework.  Instead, I would like you to focus on your upcoming assignments.  For example, have you completed your story?  We practiced editing our stories in partners, today. ( We focused on 2 things.  Does the story make sense and is the story exiting or interesting.) Tomorrow, we'll be in the lab for 2 periods typing out a good copy of the story. Many of the spelling errors will be highlighted by the word processing software.  I'll be helping you with your story structure and making sure it makes sense.  Perhaps you can type your story out at home.

How is your homework assignment coming? I can't remember which project you chose.  Is the character interview? Anyways, this should be completed by next Thursday.

Our Science test is Thursday.  If you're not here, you'll be able to write it online!  I'll mail it to you, if necessary. I recommend that you look over all your notes and understand the terms introduced and understand what the experiments were about.  

That's all for now,
Mr. Ince

E-mail me if you have any questions.
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