5mce 5th Grade
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     Mayde Creek 5th Graders are making a difference!

Our 5th Graders graduated from the D.A.R.E. program with flying colors.  They learned a lot about saying no to drugs and violence.  Congratulations!

Spring is just around the corner and it is a time when 5th graders start thinking they are 6th graders.  Please make sure to keep stressing the importance of good behavior in class.  Please sign their conduct folders each Thursday and look for remarks from their teachers.

Math Corner:  Would you like to help your child become a better problem solver?  One thing that you can do is sit down with your child and help them with word problem solving by using the following strategies:  1st read the problem, 2nd bracket the question, 3rd underline important words, 4th circle important numbers, 5th cross out extra information, and finally do the TIPS.
Thought- what operation(s) will you have to do to solve this problem?
Information- what numbers will you use to solve this problem?
Problem- what number sentence will you use to solve this problem?
Solution- the answer to the problem goes here.  Does the answer make sense?

Try using "TIPS" with your student on a word problem from the math textbook.

Science Fair:  Here are some web sites you can access to help out.

Important Dates to remember for the Science Fair:
Research Paper due:  Feb. 26
Final typed copy of Science Method paper:  March 1
Oral presentations in class:  March 4 - 6
Science Fair and Open House:  March 7

Don't leave things until the last minute!!!!

Other information and important Dates:
Jan. 29 -- 1/2 day for Elementary children
Week of Jan. 28th -- progress reports go home
Feb. 7 -- Math Night at MCE
Feb. 22 -- 4th six weeks report cards go home
Feb. 25 -- No school -- staff development
March 4 - 7  -- Spring Book Fair
March 11 - 15 -- Spring Break -- no school
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