5science Mrs. Frink
Reuben Johnson Elementary  
Measurable Objective:
Describe the life cycle of a frog
Students complete quiz developed with at least 80% accuracy.
Sequencing of Content:
1.Create a word document describing what you already know about the life cycle of a frog or all of the facts you know about frogs or amphibians.  post in discussion after saving in  word.
2.  Post results of three stages of frog development after viewing web site (to be determined).
3.Create a Power Point presentation (5 slides) describing the different stages of development.  Include a minimum of 3 pictures from a file and one from a scanned image of a tree frog.
4.  Go to www.(TBD) to view the virtual tour of a lifecycle of a frog.  Respond in the discussion forum about the physical changes from embryo stage to tadpole.
5.  Take assessment listed under quiz after completing 3 of the games.
Prerequisite Skills and Knowledge:
1.Produce a Power Point presentation including importing pictures.
2.Saving a word document
3. Brainstorm
4.  Type 10 wpm.
5.  Understand terminology in concentration game or from classroom notes.
6.  Able to navigate to a determined web address.
Media being utilized:
power point, discussion forum (threaded discussion), internet navigation.
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