5thclass2001 Mrs. Engelmann
Netttleton Intermediate School 5th gr. Soc. St. /Math
ASSIGNMENT SHEET 4-02-01 thru 4-06-01

Monday:   Math- Perimeter, #49, 50, 22(Homework)
         Social Studies- Civil War Study guide
         Spelling- 3x each cursive
Tuesday:  Math- Perimeter with geoboards #31
          p. 102-103 #1-13
         Social Studies- Check study guide & The story
          of David O. Dodd
          Spelling- Words and Meanings/Wordplay w.s.
Wednesday:FIELD TRIP TO LITTLE ROCK, Leaving @ 7:30 SHARP
          and will return @ 5:00 pm
Thursday: Math- Taking the Mystery out of Measurement
          Social Studies-Review for test
Friday:   Math- Review Perimeter and Area
         Social Studies- TEST and Video
         Spelling-  Spelling due and TEST!

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