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Spelling Words  ACSI 5th Grade
 Hi!  Spelling will be introduced on Monday and the test will be Friday.  You are the greatest.       

Lesson 1 Target:  Review consonants and short vowels

expect  o'clock  electric  assembly  chest  suggest  whisper  attic  industry  umbrella  sandwiches  linen  cabinet  telegram  catastrophe  coconut  punished  recently  chilly  ridiculous

Lesson 2 Target:  Long vowels

truly  motivate  freeze  midnight  decided  frightened
view  envelope  value  kindnesses  supreme  beneath  details  dining  cocoa  handwriting  deacon  ideal  fellowship  unlikely

Lesson 3 Target:  Vowel digraphs ie and ei

neither  height  foreign   chillier  freight  pier  relieve  easier  buried  received  studied  beige  weird  sheild  empties  weighed  achieve  fiercely  unbelief  neighborly

Lesson 4 Target:  Vowel digraphs

couple  account  ought  saucer  compound  countries  coffee  foster  laughter  chalkboard  doubtful  naughty  downstream  could've  how's  automotive  calming
alternate  roughly  would've

Lesson 5 Target:  At the Library

magazines  museum  rare  novels  catalog  students  nonfiction  references  legends literature  essays  checkout  volumes  biographies  fined  mysteries  shelving  historical  binders  stacks

Lesson 6  REVIEW Lessons 1-5

couple  magazines  expect  truly  o'clock  motivate  neither  height  ought  freeze  saucer  electric  view  museum  rare  attic  umbrella  freight  novels  catalog  relieve  received  dining  how's  would've

Lesson 7 Target:  More vowel digraphs

choices  anyway  destroy  enjoyable  joint  employ  prayer  daily  prepaid  annoy  faint  survey  raisin  repay  alley  royalty  betrayal  volleyball  joined  obeyed  

Lesson 8 Target:  Long u and oo

continued  avenue  produce  canoe  perfume  beauty  regular  popular  jewels  rescue  bruised  pursuit  nephew  loosen  Europe  losing  congratulate  argue  included  fruitful      

Lesson 9 Target:  Schwa r

calendars  grammar  chapter  collar  burst  squirrel  pattern  curved  deserve  standard  nervous  particular  salary  pearls  earnestly  journalist  groceries  fervent  searching  answering

Lesson 10 Target:  R-controlled o

worst  orbit  normal  major  effort  source  therefore  depository  afford  harbor  anchor  chores  incorrect  factory  survivor  comfort evaporate  satisfactory  trustworthy  sorrowful  

Lesson 11 Target:  More r-controlled vowels

sincere prepare  declare  carefully  period  material  ordinary  territory  interior  area  appear  admire  wearing weary  apparent  ourselves  serious  cherish  superior  irritable

Lesson 12  REVIEW Lessons 7-11

sincere choices  calendars  grammar  continued  chapter  anyway  worst  prepare  destroy  produce  curved  orbit  normal  major  ordinary  prayer  therefore  regular  particular  daily  wearing  pursuit  loosen  apparent

Lesson  13  Target:  Math Success

parallel  million  average  forty-four  figure  remainder  mathematics  percent  solution  squares  ninth  geometry solve calculate  cubes  denominator  dividing  multiplying  estimate  fractions

Lesson  14  Target:  Schwa O

common  command  conduct  contract  complete  collection
combine  comment  accustom  diamond  connection  lovingly  
others  discovery  doves  anonymous  covenant  smother  
considerate  concerned

Lesson  15  Target:  Schwa plus l

general  central  metal  local  bugle  practical  bundle  evil  musical  medal  icicle  tabernacle  valuable  devil  angels  angles  troublesome  meddle  freckles  assemble

Lesson 16  Target:  Word Building

advice  advisable  advisory  revise revision supervisor
televise  televisions  video tape  visible  visibility  
visitors  visors  visual  convertible  reverse  universe  university  conversed  verb  verbal  verses  version  revival  revive  survival  vital  vitality  vitamins  vivid

Lesson 17  Target:  Our World

oceans  forests  citizens  population  continents  equator  environment  atmosphere  regions  international  transportation  conservation  resources  artic  pollution  liter  passports  preserving  global  litter

Lesson 18  Target:  Review Lessons 13-17

parallel  million  squares  mathematics  ninth  common  collection  accustom  lovingly  others central  practical  evil  valuable  angels  advice  supervisor  convertible  verses  vital  oceans  forests  citizens  environment  arctic

Lesson 19  Target:  Words with ti and si

decision  position  condition  conversation  expression  description  selection  correction  mission  suggestion  vision  notion  session  foundation  provision  confession  
compassion  introduction  comprehension  rotation

Lesson 20  Target:  Words with i or u after  

future  furniture  century  appreciate  social  creature  precious  commercial  manufacture  associate  issue  substantial  parachute  politician  beneficial  glacier  
measuring  reassure  treasury  sugary

Lesson 21  Target:  Word Building

affect affection  defect defector  effect effective  
imperfection  perfection  perfectly  confusion  defuse
fusion  refuse  refusing  transfusion  contradict  dictate  dictator  dictionaries  edict  predict  prediction  
deportation exported  imports  reporting  transport
transportable  transporting                        

Lesson 22  Target:  Spellings and sounds of y

safety  lying  onions  sympathy  honesty  you've  gymnasium
systems  billion  recycle  loosely  crystal  purity  
bloody  resupply  yearn  Olympic  rhyming  symptom

Lesson 23  Target:  Looking to the Future

kindergarten teacher   manager  athlete  preacher  lifeguard
physician  employment  druggist  scientist  typist
sketch artist   inventor  travel agent   salesclerk  banker
businessman  homemaker  machinist  missionaries  librarian

Lesson 24 REVIEW Lessons 19-23

dictionaries  decision  position  furniture  perfectly  affect  safety  lying  appreciate  description  confusion onions  manager  athlete suggestion  mission  transporting  preacher  lifeguard  substantial  issue  parachute  gymnasium  physician  you've

Lesson 25 Target:  Long vowels in accented and
                         unaccented syllables

climate  medicine  practice  services  imagine  definite  obtain favorite  adjective  active  purchase entertain  private  delicate  message  noticeable  uncertain  raged  aggravate  compromise

Lesson 26  Target:  Suffixes

business  finish  government  happiness  easily  afterwards  necessary  refusal  faithfully  ministry  disposal  righteous  curiosity  possibility  security
published  heavier  skiing  terrific  workmanship

Lesson 27 Target:  More suffixes

difference  importance  absence  trememdous  advantage  
horrible  entrance  delicious  sensible  convenient  
courteous  intelligence  industrious  numerous  obedient  
generous  courageous  nutritious  deliverance  reasonable

Lesson  28 Target:  Word Building

conforming  deformed  formal  format  inform  informative
misinformation  performance  performed  transformation
transformed  abruptly  corruption  disrupting  eruption  
incorruptible  interruption  rupture  construct  construction  destroyed  destruction  indestructible  instruct  instructor  obstruct  obstruction  reconstruction
restructured  structured

Lesson  29  Target:  Visiting Court

settlement  innocent  accident  proof  objection  prejudice  process  jury  legal  complaint  honorable  trial  conviction  courtroom  judges evidence  plaintiff  
defendant  attorney  guilty

Lesson 30  Target:  Review Lessons 25-29

business climate  finish  medicine  importance  absence  settlement  accident  services  government  tremendous  horrible  proof  definite  performance  adjective
happiness  objection  construction  prejudice  easily
convenient  abruptly  misinformation  destroyed

Lesson 31  Target:  Homographs and homophones

minute  record  guessed  except  cellar  sense  bass  vain  ceiling  wring  prophet  dessert  hoarse  wound  forth  foul  heal diary  suite  mantel

Lesson 32  Target:  Consonant digraphs, clusters    
                          and silent letters

column  whether  banquet  scissors  debt  echo  phrase  pneumonia  castles  muscle  equipment  wholesale  knives
straighten  receipt  liquid  sponge  backache  balm  

Lesson 33  Target:  Prefixes

increase  arrive  exchange  prevent  excitement  distance  
excuses  previous  invention  extra  delivery  accuse
enforce  occurred  supersonic  submitting  impolite  dissatisfied  preferred  nonsensical

Lesson 34  Target:  Word Building

complaining  explanation  plainly  unexplained  compress depressed  expression  pressure  pressurized  suppress
accountable  accountant  counters  discount  recount  attend  attendant  attentive  extend  intended  intention  
tendency  assignment  design  designate  resignation
resigned  signals  signatures

Lesson 35  Target:  Maintaining Peace

guard  protection  soldier  lieutenant  forces  liberty troops  defence  authority  colonel  sergeant  
commander in chief     hijacking  hostage  strict  corps
officers  escaped  regiment  loyalty

Lesson 36  Target:  Review Lessons 31-35

minute  increase  column  except  whether  cellar  exchange
scissors  prevent  guard  sense  debt  muscle  pressure
attend  design  soldier  sergeant  wring  liberty  
occurred  submitting  explanation  colonel  accountant

                  That's  All  Folks!
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