Eric Benline
My Quia activities and quizzes
Gov Pro Preventive Care-Part 1 (Medicare Dedicated & Swat Specialists only)
Gov Pro Preventive Care-Part 2 (Medicare Dedicated & Swat Specialists only)
2008 MedAdvantage Changes to Out of Network Benefits
Surgery (Medicare Dedicated and SWAT Specialists only)
Companion Plans- Core & Swat Dedicated CSS's
Oregon CS Information Management Tool Quia! (Core, National, Medicare and Swat dedicated CSS's)
Bledsoe- National Accounts Only- Quia
Dental Knowledge Quiz - Part 2- (Core & Swat CSS)
Dental Knowledge Quiz Part 1- (Does not apply to MedAdvantage)
Core Mental Health Quia- (Does not apply to CP-SS, National or Medicare dedicated CSS's)
CP-SS Complementary Care (CP-SS Specialists only)
General Chiropractic & Alternative Care Quia- (Core & Swat CSS's-Does not apply to Medicare, National & CP-SS)
12/11/07 Boise Cascade Benefit Questions
Legacy Sellover Members
Massage Therapy Benefit Questions
Pioneer Educators Health Trust (PEHT)
Provider/Member Appeals
CP-SS Information Management Tool Quia! (CP-SS CSS's)
Core Potpourri- Part One (Core & Swat Dedicated CSS's)
Core Potpourri- Part Two (Core & Swat Dedicated CSS's)
Quia- Individual Renewal-(Core & Swat CSS's)
Quia: Regence Cause, Core Strategies & Key Initiatives. (Applies to all CSS's)
Was this a "Non Compliance" HIPAA MTM error?
Therapeutic Injections Quia (Core & Swat CSS's only)
MTM Focus 09/08 (Core & Swat CSS's)
AEP Proper Procedures (Medicare & Swat CSS's)
HIPAA (All LOB except CPSS)
Correspondence Quia - CORE/National
Correspondence Quia - CPSS
Is it Quality of Care or Quality of Service?
Med Advantage Participating Providers Quia
MedAdvantage + Rx Core Quia (Medicare & Swat Only)
First Contact Resolution
Just In Time Education - Health Insurance Terminology
Surepay - Best Practices
Contacting Individual Accounting
FCR Scenarios – What Would You Do? What Would You WANT To Have Done?
Provider Verification in Facets
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