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Download Hundreds of Language Arts PowerPoints!
Lesson Plans & Teaching Guides for Middle & High School Novels!
Score SOL Reading Books & Resources!
100 ideas for Book Reports!
APA, MLA & Other Grammer Help!
Grammar Exercises & Worksheets!
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Grammar SOL Review Jeopardy Game!
6th Grade Noun Quiz
Excellent English Grammar Quizzes!

Online Texas SOL Reading Test Practice!
Take the Florida Reading Standardized Test!
Reading Comprehension Tests (Choose your level 200-570)

English Irregular Verbs Jeopardy Game!
Homographs Jeopardy Game!
Subject and Predicate Game!
Greek & Latin Roots Game!
Prefix Game!
5th Grade SOL Reading Comprehension Review!
English Grammar Review!
Reading Comprehension Practice!
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