6thcomputersdowell Mrs. Bigelow
Ruth Dowell Middle School, Mckinney ISD Computers/PE/Coach
November 8th, 1999

They will finish watching their PowerPoint and if time allows, they will play games from specified sites.

November 9th, 1999

They will be given a handout with two assignments on it.  They will choose one of the assignments that will be due tomorrow at the end of class.  First assignment is a menu over Thanksgiving that they will do borders, clip art and special fonts.  The other assignment that they may choose is
pick an adjective from a list of six and expand on how computers make their lives better.  This is due tomorrow at the end of class

November 9, 1999

They will continue to work on the assignment from the day before until the class period is over.  This is their last day with me.

November 10, 1999

Today, a new class will be starting Computer Basics for 4.5 weeks.  We will first go over the computer guidelines and what I expect from them.  Also, they will do a index card with information about themself.  Last, they will do a worksheet over things that are wrong in the computer lab.

November 11, 1999

Today, they will learn how to log onto the computer.  Also, we will go over the 5 basic parts of a computer and what each part does.  They will also learn how to log off the computer.
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