6thgradetech Ms. Karsten
Skinner Middle School 6th Grade Technology Instructor
Technology Rules!

Welcome to 6th Grade technology at Skinner Middle School!
Skinner has an outstanding tech department and you will learn a great deal in 6th, 7th and 8t grades.  Check out our school's cool web site to see all the cool things we do at Skinner.

In 6th Grade Tech, we will concentrate on keyboarding, word processing, graphics and desktop publishing.  There are opportunities to explore the internet, create slide shows, get involved with multimedia projects, and utilize your creative talents to publish cool stuff!

This year we have been working on two big multimedia projects:
1) Space
2) Our Joke and Cookbook!

We will attempt to get these projects on the Web and we hope to produce CD Roms for the students and their families to buy!

This web site will be updated and activities will be added to allow you to access the informaton and concepts that you need.
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