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SOL Games & Tests

Pass the Past Ipad app -SOL Released Test Practice with grade

Governomics for CE.11, CE.12, and CE.13

SOL Civics Pacing Guide
Excellent SOL Game website (Flash)
Suffolk SOL Civics Review
JFHMS Civics Web Page
WSPMS Civics Web Page
Updated SOL Civics Resources Web Page
Fling the Teacher Citizenship SOL Game Part 1
Fling the Teacher Citizenship SOL Game Part 2
Judicial Matchup Game
Citizenship Matchup Game
Important Amendments Matchup Game
Fundamentals Principles Matchup Game
State and Local Fling the Teacher Game
Excutive Branch Fling the Teacher Game
Civics Court Game-Do I have a Right?">
Excellent Review of year of Civics for SOLS!
Excellent SOLPASS Civics SOL Games (Get password from Teacher)
6-8 Grade Civics Review SOL Tests!
Civics SOL Review Games!
Good SOL Civics Games/Tests!
Civics - SOL CE.2ab Match-up
SOL 7th grade History!
7th Grade SOL Civics Test
Millionaire & Quizzes on SOL Civics!
Save the Bill of Rights Game!
Congress for Kids Quiz
Civics SOL Cumulative Tests

Civics Practice Interactive Tests

Lesson Plans & Study Guides

Civics SOL Refrigerator Review Cards in Adobe Acrobat
SOL Character Traits with context clues
Buy SOL Civics Review Games!
VDOE SOL Lesson Plans & Assessments in Word
Mr. Hutchinson's Civics & Economics Class!
7th Grade Civics SOL Study Maps!
Download 7th Grade Civics SOL Questions in Word!
View SOL Study Guide for 7th Grade!

PBS Civics Constitution movies with Peter Sagal

PowerPoints (Click here for Free PowerPoint viewer)
Excellent Civics Resources & SOL PowerPoints
7th SOL articles of Confederation PowerPoints
Download Civics/Economics PowerPoint!
Download SOL President & Congress PowerPoint
Download SOL Federalism, State, & Local PowerPoint
Download Economics SOL Review PowerPoint
Download Government & the Economy SOL Review PowerPoint
Download Federal Taxes Instructional PowerPoint

Ben's Guide to Civics for Middle School!

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