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Fairview Veterans Memorial Middle School Inclusion Teacher
Updated February 13, 2002.
Have a wonderful Winter Vacation!!
The school lunch menu is on my links in case you want to check out the lunches this month.

Science-Check out Mrs. Partyka's website;the link is on the bottom.

Social Studies- Study your notes and studyguide regularly.  Check out Mrs. Drapeau's website for homework assignments on a weekly basis. Many of the vocabulary terms are on her page as well;the link is on the bottom.

English- Don't forget the Plant spelling words and spelling test this Friday.  Disease projects are due this Wednesday for everyone!!

Reading- All classes should be finished reading up to Chapter 7 of My Brother Sam before break. Biography orals(7-07) are due this week, as are disease project orals for(7-06). Also for 7-06, Olympic reports and biography info. should be worked on over break. 7-07 should make sure they are ready to present disease info. after break.

AM Homework Club is every morning from 7:15 to 7:40 in room 215!
After school Homework Club is Monday in room 212 with me, and Wednesday in room 215 with Mrs. Turban. It runs from 2:10-2:45pm.
Comcas has begun after school.
A brief calendar of important events follows:
February 14-Valentine's Day
February 18-22 Winter Break!
February 26 Olympic projects are due!

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