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Activity #1:   A Science Fiction assignment for YOU!!!

DUE DATE:For T1&T2-Monday 10/23
        For T3-Tuesday 10/24
This is a graded HW assignment!!
You will need to choose one of the Robert Heinlein novels--Have Spacesuit Will Travel, or Starship Troopers to read as part of the joint English/Science "Science Fiction" unit.  BEFORE you make your decision, take a few moments to look at the covers of some previous editions of these 2 novels and answer the following questions for BOTH novels.  The covers can be found at the link listed below (select "Heinlein's Books" from list on Heinlein home page).

      Questions to Answer:
Be sure to answer ALL parts of the question, and BE SPECIFIC

  1)What is the FIRST impression you get about the plot/story of the novel from looking at the covers?

  2)What exactly is being represented on the covers?

  3)For what audience do you think these covers were created?  Why?

   4)How are these covers representing stereotypes and/or kowledge about space and other life forms that were prevalent at the time they were published?

   5) What novel would you like to read?__________________
How did an examination of these covers influence your decision?
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