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This site, and indeed the associated activities, is a trial to explore some on-line curriculum opportunities. The successes and failures of this expreience will be monitored so as to continually improve our "on-line curriculum" delivery.

This page can be considered as the start of an interactive internet journey, which, if completed will allow the learner to become proficient in exploring the internet.

The first "Useful Link" shown below, "Introduction to Internet Literacy", contains a series of questions, each supported by one specfic internet site. The answer to the question can be found at the associated internet site.

Having completed this series of questions, the learner may then move to the second "Useful Link", "Internet Literacy Quizzes",  which contains two (2) online quizes. The first of these is for practice, and you may have many attempts as you would like. The second quiz however, will be used as an assessment piece, and as such you will be given one attempt at it, under exam conditions. DO NOT enter the "Actual Assessment" until instructed. The "ACtual Assessment" will be attempted on Tuesday 25th July, 2000 (Week Two).

The remaining two (2) sites under "Useful Links", "The Help Web" and "The Online Support Centre", are extremely useful if you wish to gather further information on any aspect of the use of the Net. You may even like to support the information you have gathered for your answers, with information from one of these sites. Hint - this would be a good idea.

Good Luck.

Mr Paul Jensen
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