a2protists Mr. Sims
Northeast Middle School 7th Grade Science - War Eagles
Protists - Like Plants or Animals
                     Unit A Section 2

1.  Expect to use the microscope to look at various living organisms.  You may never drink anything again!!!

2.  You will also use the computers to view various sites - to include some of those listed below.

3.  We will use video to see active paramecium and other microorganisms.

HOMEWORK:If work is not completed in class------
1.  Vocabulary page 49 as well as supplemental words.  Follow the procedures in the permanent section of your notebook when completing.

2.  Complete the web/worksheet (if assigned) for the section.

3.  Answer in complete sentences the critical thinking section on page 49.  There is no need to write the questions.

BONUS:  Must be turned in prior to the test of this section

1.  10 points - 250 word report with refernce(s) on sickle cell anemeia. or

2.  10 points - 250 word report on any of the microorganisms studied with reference(s).  or

3.  10 points - a diagram/model of one of the organisms found in this section.  Must label parts.
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