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Northeast Middle School  
Fungi - Not-So-Simple organisms
Unit A - Section 3

Overview:  In this unit, we will study fungi - its growth, development, where it is found and how does it help/hurt us and the environment.    Just to let you know, I love mushrooms on my pizza.

1.  Again, we will use the microscopes, but this time we will look at mushrooms and lichens.

2.  A look at fungi using various media to include the some of the sites below as well as video.

3.  We will observe various forms of fungi that are found in this area.

HOMEWORK:  (Work not completed in class.)
PARENT HELP--  I would like for the students to grow mold. Please help me (and them in this). Basically, let them do it and don't let Phiddo eat their homework.

1.  vocabualry on page 65 as well as 8 additional words.  Follow the procedures in the notebook for completion.
additonal words:  Consumer, hyphae, mushroom, mycelium, pencillin, producers, water molds, yeasts.

2.  Complete web/worksheet.

3.  Answer critical thinking on page 65.  Write the answers in complete sentences.  No need to write the question.

BONUS:  Must be turned in proir to test on this section.
1.  10 points - 250 words on the potato famine in Ireland - stress the causes
2.  10 points - diagraming and labeling of a mushroom or lichen
3.  10 points - bringing in at least 2 varities of fungi.  Make sure your name is clearly seen
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