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ABC Elementary 4th grade teacher
Welcome to your class homepage!

I hope you had a great Mardi Gras holiday!

The week of March 20 we will begin our new unit on Dinosaurs!

If you would like to get a head start on the assignment, you can read Chapter 4 in your text book for Monday.

Our tentative plan is as follows:

On Monday we will have an overview on dinosaurs
On Tuesday we will be creating our own dinosaur books.
On Wednesday we will be creating time-lines.
On Thursday we will be researching different dinosaurs in our assigned groups.
On Friday we will be making our own dinosaur tracks!!

We have a busy and fun-filled week ahead of us so it would be wise to start reading the chapter as soon as possible.

Remember to get your parents' signature for our fieldtrip to the Zoo. If it is not turned in by Tuesday March 21st you will be unable to participate with the rest of the class!

I'll see you in class------Ms. Miguez
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