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Happy Town Elementary 3rd grade teacher
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This week we will begin our new unit on the Rainforest.
To be prepared for the new unit read the next chapter in your book for Monday.

Our schedule for this week is as follows:

Monday:  We will go over what you read in your textbook and go over some different things that are in a rainforest.

Tuesday:  We will talk about where some of the largest rainforest are located.

Wednesday:  You will be put into groups and will research an assigned section of the rainforest.  

Thursday:  You will construct or draw your favorite animal of the rainforest.

Friday:  We will read a story about an adventure through the rainforest, do a follow-up activity, and then play a rainforest game called "Save The Frogs".

Remember to read your assignment for Monday because we have a busy week ahead of us.

Do not forget to show your parents the sign up sheet for volunteers for our trip to the aquarium.
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