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Do Not Forget the Projects!!!!!!

I've got the quizzes you need to take for the 6th Six Weeks.  Once you have finished the quizzes you will have finished for your daily grades this six weeks.  I have to send you the tests and you need to turn in the projects.

If you have any questions, please call or email.  I have a new email account:  After 5 o'clock I am sometimes on-line if you want to instant message me instead of calling.

Jamie Hess

6th Six Weeks
Sight pages 494-500
Hearing pages 512-515, 520-525
Touch pages 344-347
Smell pages 489-492
Fertilization pages 956-964
Fetal Development pages 972-975
Birth pages 975-978

 6th Six Weeks Quizzes

1.  Name 3 accessory structures of the eye.
2.  Describe the sclear and cornea.
3.  What is the function of the cornea?
4.  In nearsighted people, wher does the image focus?

1.  Define the following:  mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors, photoreceptors, chemoreceptors,  nociceptors.
2.  Which corpuscle innervates the viscera-meissner, pacinian, or ruffini?
3.  Name one sensation you can test for on your forearm during.

1.  Name the structure that contains the enzymes for breaking through an egg located on the head of the sperm cell.
2.  Which organelle produces the energy necessary for getting the sperm to the egg?
3.  Which type of cell division produces sex cells?
4.  What are the four phases of mitosis in order?

Embro Development
1.  Illustrate these three stages of the embryo:  the 2-cell stage, the morula, and the blastocyst.
2.  What cells project into the uterus wwall to become the placenta and implant the egg?
3.  How many chromosomes does the embryo have total?
4.  How many chromosomes do the sperm cell and the egg cell have each?

Once you finish these quizzes you will be done with your daily grades.  I will be sending a test over the special senses.
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